Dark Sun: Children of Blood


After battling terrible Abyssal plague corpses and swarms of plaguebringing insects, the Children of Blood enter the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye. Within they witness the Ashbringer, transformed by his own exposure to the plague, resurrecting Kalak through the power of the Chained God.

The Children battle the Ashbringer and his Abyssal Plague Swarmbringers as they duel with the will of a resurrected ghost of Kalak. In the end, they shattered Kalak’s will and cut down the Ashbringer.

As the battle ends, they are visited by another powerful entity:

“Smoke rises from the floor of the room and silence sits heavy over the bloody battle. Behind you, the doors open to the temple’s courtyard. You see the glimmer of a massive golden litter surrounded by a small army of slaves. Four huge half-giants armored in black iron, cudgels of spiked bone in hand, and faces invisible behind huge black iron helmets.

A woman follows them in, dressed head to toe in white, gold choker around her neck and gold bracelets. You recognize her as Lady Delexa Nibenay. She smiles at you and steps aside.

A strange figure in royal violet robes steps forward through the doors. His body is humanoid yet reptilian, serpentine head on a long neck. One long-fingered and clawed hand extends in a small bow.

“The Children of Blood” speaks Nibenay the Sorcerer King. “Stories of your exploits have reached even my ears. I almost didn’t believe the seers when they told me what would happen here today. I had to come see it for myself. Very impressive.”

“Come visit me sometime. I always have need of resourceful beings.”

“Oh yes. If you please.” Nibenay stands close, the heat of his body brings sweat to your skin. He reaches forward with his long-fingered clawed hand. “My dagger.”"

The Road to Shiivarm

Their own home destroyed, the Children of Blood move in to the abandoned headquarters of the Red Bones and save their fellow brothers from the touch of the Abyssal Plague.
The Children then headed north into the rocky crags of the Ringing Mountains. Within the peaks, they found an Athas Oasis surrounded by giants that gave no comfort to anything but the malevolence of the desert itself.

Traveling further, the Children entered the ruined temple city of Shiivarm and faced an onslaught of vengeful wights, tormented for 10,000 years after their own sacrifice under the wrathful eye of the “Chained God”.

Now the party enters the city’s center and into the Chained God’s temple to face their nemesis, Ashbringer, and end his dark plan once and for all.

The Bloody Battle of the Caravan District

While one group of Children of Blood deals with those who would harbor the Ashbringer, another faces off against the Red Bones, the rival mercenary gang of the Tyr caravan district. In an epic battle in the caravan district’s town square, Dorn, the leader of the Children of Blood led the Children to victory against their rivals.

Nearing the end of the battle, a massive explosion rocked the square. Turning, the Children witnessed the destruction of their home, Red Sands. Rushing back, they discovered that agents of the Ashbringer, the Toothcutters, had burrowed under Red Sands and blew open the basement vault to recover the dagger of Nibenay. The Children recover the dagger just seconds before the entire headquarters collapses in fire.

House Ianto

Returning from Kalidmay the Children of Blood find themselves challenged by the Red Bones, their rival gang. It is time Tyr knew which of the two gangs ruled the caravan district for good and all. As one group of Children heads to House Ianto to gather intelligence and exact revenge on those who would dare harbor the Sorcerer King, Kalak’s last templar, the Ashbringer, another group prepares to face the Red Bones in the open square of the caravan district and see their true status spelled out in blood on the sand.

Kalidnay Part 2

Far south of Tyr, the Children of Blood entered the dead city of Kalidnay seeking a dark power sought by agents of the Ashbringer. After fighting in an arena filled with zombie cacti and the ghostly guardians of Kalidnay’s eviscerated ziggurat, the Children returned to Tyr with the dark artifact.

Now the party has learned that House Ianto, still loyal to the memory of Kalak, sorcerer king of Tyr, harbored the Ashbringer in their cellars while the Red Bones, rivals of the Children, demand a challenge to find out, once and for all, who rules the caravan district of Tyr. Tonight we follow the first group of Children as they plan their assault on House Ianto.

Kalidnay Part 1

After a well-deserved rest from the trials of Kalak’s Ziggurat, the Children of Blood learned that agents of the Ashbringer sought the power responsible for the dead city of Kalidmay. Heading south across the Tablelands on the scand skiff Wind Dancer, the Children found themselves fighting back a tentacled silt horror. Upon arriving at the necropolis of Kaladmay, a city once as mighty as Tyr, the party battled a band of Belgui, terrible fey creatures ringing tiny bells of command. On their defeat, their leader informed the party that the Ashbringer’s agents, the Black Stars, had already arrived.

The Chamber of Hell

In the final chambers of the Ziggurat of Kalak, the party found themselves trapped in the dream of a terrible Succubus. Fighting out of her psychic trap, they battled the remaining fearsome devils of the Nine Hells, closed the final gate, and recovered Kalak’s hand before returning to Red Sands, their refuge in Tyr. Now the party prepares to travel south across the Tablelands to the necropolis of Kalidnay where Ashbringer’s agents attempt to recover a sorcerer king’s power that snuffed the life of an entire city.

The Chamber of Death

The Children of Blood entered the second of three chambers in Kalak’s Ziggurat in an attempt to recover Kalak’s Hand. In the Chamber of Death the Children faced Kalak’s horrible slave-devouring sacrificial machine before facing Kalak’s Mistress of Souls, the vampiress Seluva.

The Chamber of Fire

Deep within the lowest levels of Kalak’s Ziggurat, the Children of Blood fight their way through the first of three chambers used to fuel Kalak’s infernal machine. After defeating a trapped volcanic dragon, the party routed a pair of efreet guards and closed the portal to the fiery pits of the elemental chaos. Now the Children enter the Chamber of Death where Kalak’s loyalists murdered thousands and trapped their souls for his own immortal power.

The Chamber of Riddles

With the Templar’s key in hand, the Children of Blood traveled deep into the lowest reaches of the Undertyr to locate the entrance to Kalak’s Ziggurat. At the ziggurat’s entryway, the party found themselves in a grueling battle against salt golems protecting the ziggurat’s door, horrible rot grubs, and a roper along the banks of a river of poison.

Within the first chamber of the ziggurat, the party was “tested” by a sphinx, the Ziggurat’s Riddle Lord, who challenged them with both physical attack and riddles of the mind. With the test successful, the sphinx revealed three potential doors to the other chambers of the lower Ziggurat: The Chamber of Fire, the Chamber of Hell, and the Chamber of Death. The party chose the Chamber of Fire as they traveled deeper into the Ziggurat.