Dark Sun: Children of Blood

The Chamber of Riddles

With the Templar’s key in hand, the Children of Blood traveled deep into the lowest reaches of the Undertyr to locate the entrance to Kalak’s Ziggurat. At the ziggurat’s entryway, the party found themselves in a grueling battle against salt golems protecting the ziggurat’s door, horrible rot grubs, and a roper along the banks of a river of poison.

Within the first chamber of the ziggurat, the party was “tested” by a sphinx, the Ziggurat’s Riddle Lord, who challenged them with both physical attack and riddles of the mind. With the test successful, the sphinx revealed three potential doors to the other chambers of the lower Ziggurat: The Chamber of Fire, the Chamber of Hell, and the Chamber of Death. The party chose the Chamber of Fire as they traveled deeper into the Ziggurat.