Dark Sun: Children of Blood


After battling terrible Abyssal plague corpses and swarms of plaguebringing insects, the Children of Blood enter the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye. Within they witness the Ashbringer, transformed by his own exposure to the plague, resurrecting Kalak through the power of the Chained God.

The Children battle the Ashbringer and his Abyssal Plague Swarmbringers as they duel with the will of a resurrected ghost of Kalak. In the end, they shattered Kalak’s will and cut down the Ashbringer.

As the battle ends, they are visited by another powerful entity:

“Smoke rises from the floor of the room and silence sits heavy over the bloody battle. Behind you, the doors open to the temple’s courtyard. You see the glimmer of a massive golden litter surrounded by a small army of slaves. Four huge half-giants armored in black iron, cudgels of spiked bone in hand, and faces invisible behind huge black iron helmets.

A woman follows them in, dressed head to toe in white, gold choker around her neck and gold bracelets. You recognize her as Lady Delexa Nibenay. She smiles at you and steps aside.

A strange figure in royal violet robes steps forward through the doors. His body is humanoid yet reptilian, serpentine head on a long neck. One long-fingered and clawed hand extends in a small bow.

“The Children of Blood” speaks Nibenay the Sorcerer King. “Stories of your exploits have reached even my ears. I almost didn’t believe the seers when they told me what would happen here today. I had to come see it for myself. Very impressive.”

“Come visit me sometime. I always have need of resourceful beings.”

“Oh yes. If you please.” Nibenay stands close, the heat of his body brings sweat to your skin. He reaches forward with his long-fingered clawed hand. “My dagger.”"